Standard Community Rules:
  1. No Hacking – Permaban
  2. No exploitation of bugs or glitches – Permaban
  3. No racism, religious speech or other idealism. – Mute
  4. Don’t harass other players/community members. – Mute/ban
  5. No spamming, advertising or excessive swearing/CAPS – Mute/ban
  6. Don’t slander/disrespect staff members. – Mute/kick/ban. If you want to report a staff member, message a Super Admin via Discord.
  7. Don’t bypass the AFK kick. -Kill/-Kick
  8. Do not try to bypass/loop around the rules. – Determinant
  9. Don’t make any lag machines which reduces server performance – Removal of machine without refund
Wild West Frontier-Specific rules:
  1. Alt accounts are NOT allowed – Ban of alt account(s) and main if excessive
  2. Do not spawnkill (repeatedly kill) others – Return of items/1d ban/permaban
  3. Do not pointlessly grief. – Griefing via bypass = permaban
  4. Please try to make your town a town(1*)
  5. Don’t use /sethome in or near claimed territory.
  6. Don’t use /home, /back or /TPA to re-enter a PVP area.(2*)
  7. Do not move your /t spawn or glitch it to make it more favorable for you during combat.
  8. Have your town be “raid”able. Have entrances(doors/gates/ect) to your town/houses.(3*)
  9. Do not combat log/perform any action that might be considered combat logging.(4*)
  10. Do not use /tpa or /tpahere to kill players. – We will kill YOU.
  11. Do not claim bounties on town members, friends, yourself or to otherwise abuse the system.(5*) – Any money gained will be taken
  12. Do not grief the rails – Ban


Definitions for the confused individual:
1* We don’t like seeing underground bases. If we deem your base to be too much metagaming, we might tell you to move or redo it or simply do it for you.

2* If you are attacking or aiding in the attack/defense of a town, you may not use these commands to return. If reinforcing either side, you might use TPA initially to enter, but if at any point you are killed you may not return by TPA for another 30 min other than on foot from any nearby areas. Teleporting in retreat is allowed, but if so you may not re-engage in offensive PVP for 15 minutes. (This goes for escaping to safe-zones as well.)

3* This means having an entrance so people have a “chance” of getting a jump on you, or you forgetting to close it. An airlock of more than 2 doors and/or hatch is not allowed. Basements are okay but should not contain farms or factories. Your town should have a strong above ground presence.

4* Combat logging is whenever for whatever reason you log off during combat.
Combat is whenever a negative or damaging effect that affects your player/you affect another player or you providing aid to another player either being affected or is affecting others.

5* This means letting another player kill him/killing another player that is letting you to claim the bounty, or otherwise conspiring to do so.