Choose how to install


There are multiple ways to install the pack and get playing. You only need to choose one way and it is up to you to choose which way suits you best. We recommend Technic as they receive updates immediately but Curse is usually updated within 30 minutes so both are viable. Manually installing the mods is NOT recommended.


If you have any issues at all, please first look at this page: Common Fixes
If that doesn’t work, feel free to ask for help on discord.

Technic Install

Video guide now available!

To play it on the technic launcher, simply download the launcher from

Install the program and log into it using your MINECRAFT account (not your technic account).

Once logged in, go to the modpacks tab

Search ‘Wild West Frontier’ and then press install/play.

It really is that simple!

Before launching, please make sure there is 3GB+ of memory allocated to the pack.

If you only see 1GB, please read section 2 of this page Here.

Please note, RetG currently does not support any other launcher other than Technic.