Banned and Uncraftable Items 1.12

In addition to the below banned item list, all other dimensions have been disabled (this includes the Nether, the End, and the Wyvern) as they do not fit the theme of the “Wild West Frontier”. Staff reserve the right to add to this list as needed, so be sure to check the list before you craft!

Questions regarding banned or uncraftable items should be directed to ic3soldi3r or DunkleDoug.

tconstruct_throwball — ID:JW001
harvestcraft_butteritem — ID:JW002
tnt — ID:JW003
explosive_minecart — ID:JW004
harvestcraft_cheeseitem — ID:JW005
ShockEmitter — ID:JW006
SacredOakSapling — ID:JW007
ChemthrowerTurret — ID:JW008
Chemthrower — ID:JW009
GunTurret — ID:JW010
GunPowderBarrel — ID:JW011
DecoBench — ID:JW012
SplashBrewButterfingers — ID:JW013
Invisibility — ID:JW014
BaneofPigs — ID:JW015
flansmod_flansworkbench_item — ID:JW016
weather2_weather_machine — ID:JW017
customnpcs_npcwand — ID:JW018
customnpcs_npcmobcloner — ID:JW019
customnpcs_npcscripter — ID:JW020
customnpcs_npcmovingpath — ID:JW021
customnpcs_npccarpentybench — ID:JW022
ichunutil_compact_porkchop — ID:JW023

Uncraftable Items (some are duplicative to the ban list):