Becoming Staff on RetG

Since it’s such a common question, we have decided to make a page dedicated to becoming staff. Or at least, to understand the process behind it.

First off, staff on RetG is tightly knit. We only ever consider players who have been around for a decent amount of time, usually we only consider people who use Discord voice chat but we do make exceptions if the player is very active in text chat.

It is important to note that however fun “Staff” sounds, it is actually quite demanding and tiresome. Staff are usually unable to continue playing as regular players as they will spend a lot of time sorting out other people’s issues. They are constantly on the receiving end of abuse from some players and also receive a LOT of PMs on discord. Unlike most servers, we DO NOT believe that staff are to be treated as gods and that they have the power to ban you because they do not like you. We are all veteran minecraft players and the senior team have all been on the receiving end of staff abuse in the past; We have found the best way to deal with people is to give them some basic, simple rules and only give punishments to people who constantly or meaningfully break rules. Even then, punishments are generally light and rarely result in banning.

If you have been sent to this page or found it on the site with the intention of becoming staff, it is important to understand the following;


The staff roles are as follows;

  1. Owner
    Pretty self-explanatory, this is the highest level of staff. The current owner has control over everything however, they may chose to have admins make decisions. Just because they can overrule someone doesn’t mean they will.
  2. Super-Admins
    Super admins are the ones who have access to everything. Essentially they have the same power as the owner and have access to all files and commands. This rank is reserved only for the most trusted and currently is occupied by people who have known the owner for 7+ years.
  3. Admins
    Admins are the senior management team. They have full in-game access and may request log files from the superadmins if required. They have the ability to modify aspects of the server(s) although if it is a major change, it is generally discussed in a private chat prior to being implemented. We only ever consider an admin if they have spent a reasonable time as a mod first and are active.
  4. Mods
    Mods, or moderators are the ones who keep chat clean and help solve disputes between people in game. They do not have the ability to spawn in items or worldedit anything. Moderators are entry-level positions. To become a moderator, players must be active and have been around for a decent amount of time. We do not currently take mod applications but instead ask members of the community that we feel have the right attitude towards rule enforcement. Mods are often chosen by admins. The things we look for are:
    – Helpfulness, the person has to actively try help people.
    – Maturity, the person needs to be mature about situations.
    – Relaxed, the person needs to understand that we do not take banning lightly.
    – Unbiased, the person needs to be able to take an unbiased view.
    – Thick skinned, the person needs to be able to take humour, insults etc light heartedly and not feel ‘offended’ by anything.
  5. Build Team
    This is the rank given to builders who are responsible for creating new builds on the server(s). These are selected manually by our head-of-building admin and are subject to their impression of you build skills. Again, this is not something that can be applied for, it is something that is noticed. Admins regularly fly around and look at builds and they do take note of impressive ones.